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Experts tell the ICLUSIG story

We’re celebrating 10 years since the initial approval of ICLUSIG in Europe!

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Click on the short videos below to see how far we’ve come and learn why the experts think you should consider switching eligible patients with CML* to ICLUSIG after one 2G TKI...
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Valentín García-Gutiérrez
Servicio de Hematología
Hospital Universitario Ramón y Cajal (IRYCIS)
Madrid, Spain
Before the discovery of ICLUSIG, treatment failure in CML was devastating for patients1,2
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Simona Soverini
Institute of Hematology
‘L. & A. Seràgnoli’
University of Bologna
Bologna, Italy
ICLUSIG became the first and remains the only pan-inhibitor of BCR::ABL1 approved for CML in Europe, collectively suppressing all single point mutations (including T315I)3,4
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Jane Apperley
Centre for Haematology
Hammersmith Hospital
Imperial College London
London, UK
ICLUSIG has been with you since 2013, proudly demonstrating fast, deep and durable responses as seen in the long-term follow-up of the PACE study4,5
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Elias Jabbour
Department of Leukemia
Division of Cancer Medicine
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, TX, USA
We know that early use of ICLUSIG leads to the deepest responses4,6
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Gianantonio Rosti
IRCCS/SIRHHC Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care ‘Dino Amadori’
Meldola (FC), Italy
The ELN 2020 recommendations named ICLUSIG as the preferred treatment in patients with resistance to a 2G TKI without mutations, unless cardiovascular risk factors preclude its use7
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Jorge Cortes
Georgia Cancer Center
Augusta, GA, USA
Thanks to the recent response-based dosing study, OPTIC, there’s now clear evidence to induce, reduce and maintain ICLUSIG to manage your patients8
Induce response with 45 mg orally, once daily; reduce dose to 15 mg orally, once daily, upon achievement of ≤1% BCR::ABL1; maintain response with 15 mg orally, once daily.
For information on dose modifications, please refer to the SmPC.
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